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My Journey Into & Beyond Events...

This Blog...

created by me, Dawn Morrissey, an Event Professional and Educator specialized in Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Zero Waste Event Production. Dawn is a Female Entrepreneur, a California Small Business Climate Award Recipient, an Urban Farmer, a Nutritionist, a Social Media & Marketing Manager, and Business Consultant. This blog is based on her personal journey ranging from business, sustainable event production, healing and self care, parenting through and beyond traumatic life events, caring for a pediatric cancer patient, life as a single mom to five humans, building an urban farm in San Francisco, and ultimately the journey of building abundance after uncontrollable change.

What You Will Find Here

On the blog- topics will include event planning, management, and production, tips to make your events more sustainable, sourcing sustainable vendors, planning tips, decoration tips, event design and styling, tricks to educate yourself, your clients, and guests on sustainable measures you implement during events and what impact those measures have in the world, pediatric cancer care tips and tricks, navigating the complexities of raising a child battling Leukemia, Building a Woman Owned Business, urban farming and gardening, inspiration, and more.

My Hope For You

I hope this content provides you with humor, useful tips and tricks, and thoughtful perspectives you can use to transform not only your events into meaningful experiences, but also take what may feel awful and create something beautiful in events, business, parenting, healing, and beyond. I hope this blog gives you useful information and tools, and helps you understand that you are not alone. I hope that my event management skills, business and life experience (failures and successes) helps you feel lighter, stronger, more hopeful, and helps you find a deep belief in yourself and your ability to do even the most unimaginable things. I hope that sharing with you will inspire hope in you, small, large, and everything in between. Some days we just need a laugh, others we need to figure out which is the best thing to pack for lunch, and many many days as planners and business owners and parents, we need a quick reference and guide to get shit done. I hope my experience can be a roadmap for you- for event planning-for building a business-for caring for a child with cancer- for urban gardening-for parenting- for using gratitude as medicine- for celebrating yourself and all the passions and people you love.

Thank you for spending your time with me! I welcome any questions, comments, or requests for specific topics you'd like me to cover.

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